Passkey GroupMAX


How Hotels Benefit

Hotels worldwide are leveraging GroupMAX to streamline their group operations, generate incremental revenues, capture significant savings and improve their group profits.

Importantly, GroupMAX allows hotels to offer their meeting guests and planners nothing short of world-class service. 

That is why more and more meeting planners are requesting GroupMAX for their events, and event guests are expecting the convenience of online booking and multiple stay options.


1. Shift Your Group Business Online

Personalized Booking Websites:  With GroupMAX, hotels can offer meeting planners a personalized booking website for each event so meeting guests can enjoy the convenience of online reservations and choose from room upgrades, extended stays and other hotel services.

Automated, Secure Room Lists:  GroupMAX’s room list manager is the industry's only fully automated, PCI-compliant room list technology, allowing hotels to automate and secure their room list process, as well as accept any room list format and manage room list modifications with remarkable ease.

Live Hotel Dashboard:  The hotel dashboard provides hotels the ability to review and manage their group business in real time from one, user-friendly screen, which they can access from any web browser or mobile device.

Social Networking:   The built-in social networking tool allows hotels to create a social network for each event in one click, so guests can easily connect before, during and after the event.


2. Maximize Upselling Opportunities

Room and Stay Upgrades:  With GroupMAX, it’s remarkably easy for hotels to offer group guests extended stays, multiple room options or special upgrade packages beyond the contracted room block, helping generate incremental revenues and profits from groups.

Built-in Email Marketing:  GroupMAX’s built-in Group Campaigns email marketing toolset allows hotels to communicate with their group guests in a highly professional and consistent manner.   From special pre-arrival offers and upgrades to communicating with guests while on property or sending post-stay campaigns, the benefits are limitless.

Hotel Services:  Hotels can promote their hotel services, from spas and restaurants to lounges and entertainment, throughout the booking process, helping drive ancillary revenues throughout the hotel.


3. Empower Your Planners

Live Event Dashboard:  GroupMAX provides each event with a live dashboard where planners can track their event in real time, helping them optimize their contracts, mitigate attrition exposure and enjoy peace of mind and a sense of control.  Event dashboards can be easily accessed from any web browser or mobile device.

Email SmartAlerts:  GroupMAX’s SmartAlerts technology automatically sends emails to hotel staff and planners at critical event milestones (such as when a room block is 80% full), or at regular intervals (such as a weekly block and pickup report or a cutoff alert)

Registration Integration: Hotels can offer meeting planners a seamless registration and hotel booking process by linking their preferred event registration system to GroupMAX’s hotel booking website using Passkey’s RegLink integration tool.

Attendee Enrollment:  The built-in enrollment tool for capturing event enrollment information from guests, from meal options and contact information to event preferences and other information.


Licensing GroupMAX

Software-as-a-Service:  GroupMAX is a 100% web-based software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) application, so hotels can enjoy its benefits on day one without the need to invest in new hardware or software, and without the need for any special technical or IT expertise or overhead.

Unlimited Use:  GroupMAX is licensed by hotels on a per-key basis with no limits on usage, so hotels can capture maximum benefits from all their events without any transactional fees.

CRS/PMS Connectivity:  Reservations captured via GroupMAX are directly transferred to each hotels’ CRS or PMS system via Passkey’s GroupLink integration technology, mitigating the costs or complexity of third-party transfer fees.

GroupLink-only Licensing: This is for hotels who simply want to automate the transfer of reservations captured via GroupMAX’s citywide licensees.

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