Passkey GroupMAX

The world's best group hotel booking engine just got better.
More reservations. More revenue. More happy.

Passkey’s all-new booking engine features a number of dazzling innovations that create a booking experience like no other. Event attendees can enjoy an engaging and fun booking experience while hotels, organizers and destinations can tap into unprecedented revenue opportunities.


GroupMAX New Landing Page

Exclusivity means more reservations

Sleekly designed, customizable event booking sites establish your booking site as THE exclusive place to book a hotel room for the event. Brand your sites using images from the GroupMAX image library or upload your own images for the look-and-feel most appealing to your event’s attendees. Highly intuitive editing tools allow for simple, quick customization, empowering you like never before to create exclusive event experiences.

More reservations on every step

From the images and calendars to each page’s layout, each graphical element and text placement has been carefully thought out to provide an aesthetically pleasing, fully-branded event booking site that guides attendees along a streamlined yet engaging booking process. This means more event attendees will book in the event block and become true guests.

More Revenue - Room Upgrades

The booking site includes a page dedicated to room upgrades. This allows guests to review all the available room upgrade options with details on every room type and make their selection based on differences in rates, a method proven to significantly increase the sale of room upgrades.

More Revenue - Hotel Add-ons

Not only can attendees book room upgrades, they can now purchase add-ons, such as a massage at the hotel’s spa, Wi-Fi, meal specials, parking and other hotel offerings. These examples are only the beginning of what a hotel could offer to lock in incremental revenue during the booking process and highlight special deals that only event guests can access.

More Revenue - Promo Cubes

Promo Cubes are highly flexible graphic elements that can be placed on any page on the booking site and allow event organizers to promote activities, attractions and sponsors and help enrich the booking experience and revenue potential for the event. Use promo cubes to promote activities such as local festivals or sporting events, or attractions such as museums and venues or use them to promote sponsors or deliver important messages. Promo cubes can also be used to entice guests to extend their stay on available shoulder nights.

More Revenue - Social Sharing

New capabilities make it easy for attendees to promote event information to their social networks, which increases bookings on the website, drives extended stays and upgrades, and promotes your brand and association with the event to an expanded audience.

Engaging Hotel Search

For multi-hotel events, attendees can easily search for hotel rooms using the highly interactive map, the graphically rich list view and the unique comparison tool. These tools help attendees find which hotels have availability, room rates at each hotel, details on hotels and rooms and how far each hotel is from the event venue. The map can also be used to highlight area attractions and event venues.

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